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Termite Treatment

Subterranean Termites (white ants) live in underground colonies from where they infiltrate into buildings through tiny cracks and crevices in the foundation and the floor. Once they gain entry, they work quickly and silently, moving surreptitiously in their mud shelter tubes and destroy woodwork, furniture, paper products and for that matter any article having a cellulose base. Highly scientific methods, specialized equipment and trained personnel are required to control the infestation. Hence we recommend the following control measures:

(For Flats & Offices – Internal) About Termites

Mode of Treatment :

  • Drilling holes at the junction of the walls and the floor and pumping chemicals through these holes wherever necessary. The drilling holes are effectively sealed thereafter.
  • Injecting termiticide into the affected portions of the woodwork, if any.
  • Application of a blanket spray wherever necessary
  • It may be kindly noted that all movable articles need to be shifted to leave at least 2 ft. clear space from the walls so as to facilitate treatment along the junction of walls and floor, specially, in the vicinity of infestation.
  • These measures will be supplemented by our six monthly checkup visits for inspection and treatments , if necessary.
  • Warranty Period : 1 Year

Termite for building (Internal & External ) post construction anti- termite treatment

These specifications have been formulated for all types of structures with R C C foundations or with load bearing walled foundations. The principle of the treatment is to create a chemical barrier below and around the building so as to deny entry to termites into the building. The stages of the treatment are mentioned below :

  • Stage 1 : Treatment to wall and floor junction : holes of 10mm dia 30 cms apart will be drilled along the inner junction of wall and floor in the entire building premises. Chemical emulsion will be injected under pressure into these holes to create a barrier against termites. If the building is on stilts, holes are drilled along the column sides at ground level.
  • Stage 2 : Treatment to soil under floor if the cracks are noticed on the floor because of construction joints, expansion joints or shrinkage, the soil below floor needs to be treated. Holes of 10mm dia 30 cms apart will be drilled along the cracks only and chemical emulsion will be injected.
  • Stage 3 : Treatments to wooden fixtures holes of 10mm dia will be drilled at the base of wooden members such as window frames, door frames, inset in the flooring and chemical emulsion will be injected. This treatment will be done on all floors (except basement/terrace). An oil based chemical will be sprayed on all the woodwork infested by termites within the premises.
  • Stage 4 : Treatment to termites tubes visible shelter mud tubes will be removed and the infested area treated with our chemical emulsion.
  • Stage 5: Treatments along the external perimeter of the building trenching or drilling holes along the external walls of the building (similar to stage – 1 specification) will be carried out to create a chemical barrier around the building. all the drilled holes will be sealed and made good using chalk and white cement. The chemicals are the recommended chemicals for termite control in building by i s code 6313(part iii) 1981

Note :A check up visit will be carried out once in six month by our technician for the entire 5 year period

Warranty Period : 5 Years

Termite pest control in Andheri

Termites flying around the house or coming from the base of a wall signal a termite infestation that needs to be treated right away. Mud tubes on walls, hollow-sounding woodwork, damaged wood / wooden furniture, and discarded termite wings are all symptoms of an infestation. We also urge that you inspect your property and surroundings on a regular basis to ensure that they are not conducive to termite infestation. We can assist you if you find termites or other indicators of termites. It is worthwhile to attempt our best termite pest control in Andheri.

We provide termite pest control in Andheri both before and after construction to ensure that your home and property are safe from termite damage.


Post-construction termite pest control in Andheri: Our specialized post-construction termite pest control in Andheri protects existing houses and businesses from damage caused by subterranean termites. Pesto India Services Pvt Ltd conducts a thorough inspection utilizing Termatrac TM, a cutting-edge termite detection technique that employs RADAR sensors to identify termites, reducing the need for exploratory drilling at your property.

We only employ termite pest control in Andheri, chemicals that have been approved by the authorities. This helps to keep the environment safe during and after termite treatment. For isolated structures/buildings, the treatment comes with a five-year warranty, which means Pesto India Services Pvt Ltd will re-treat if re-infestation occurs during the contract period. Following the end of the service, we also conduct a minimal clean-up. Please contact us right away!

What does post-construction termite pest control in Andheri involve?

Our post-construction termite pest control in Andheri is applied to existing structures to provide proactive and intensive termite protection and termite pest control in Andheri. Termites are detected using Termatrac, holes are drilled at skirting level on the walls, and liquid termiticide is injected into them by professional technicians. Pesto India Services Pvt Ltd liquid barrier termiticide treatment is one of the safest and most effective post-construction termite control options available.

Once injected into the ground, the termiticide creates a barrier between the soil and the building structure. Workers termites are exposed to this solution as they tunnel through the ground in quest of food, and it not only gets ingested but also adheres to their bodies. Through contact with the sick termite, the active substance spreads to other termites in the colony.

Pre-construction termite treatment, also known as Soil Treatment, is carried out during the preparatory stages of a property’s construction. The purpose of pre-construction termite management is to develop an anti-termite barrier beneath the building structure to defend against subterranean termite damage. In order to have a long-term effect, the areas under and surrounding the concrete foundation are exposed to a particular solution that generates a termite barrier.

Termite treatment in Mulund

Termites, sometimes known as “white ants,” do not live in the open. Subterranean termites like a dark, humid, and protected environment. Termites are one of the most common Termite treatments in Mulund. Because these insects feed on wood, they can be discovered in our homes. The worker and swarmer termites are the most frequent termites found in our homes. Worker termites are creamy colored and 3-4 mm long, and they are usually found in mud foraging tubes or afflicted wood that has been torn open. I’m referring to the Swarmers. Winged termites are another name for them. The only role of their life is reproducing and creating new termite colonies. For this purpose, they are on the lookout for a mate.

Termites come in a variety of colors, ranging from yellow to black, depending on the species. Termites, like most flying insects, are drawn to light and are frequently seen swarming around outdoor lighting or window sills.

We provide extremely effective and result-oriented termite control services to our valued clients (Pre & Post Construction). Termites are extremely dangerous to humans because they destroy valuable property, paperwork, furniture, and other expensive goods.

Pre-construction anti-termite soil Termite treatment in Mulund involves injecting potent soil toxicants into the soil around the building and beneath the floor to create a chemical barrier. In comparison to other termite control programs that follow construction, this method is thought to be more cost-effective and efficient.

Chemicals are injected into the ground through holes formed at the intersections of walls and floors, spaced 2 feet apart on the ground level, in the process of post-construction anti-termite treatment with termite treatment in Mulund. After that, the perforations are sealed. Our termite treatment in Mulund is also a good way to keep the surroundings free of termites.

Natural Termite Treatment

Treatment with heat. The diseased furniture or wooden material is exposed to sunlight in this approach. The moisture in the wood is evaporated as a result of the sun’s heat, reducing the termite treatment food supply. To kill them, the process of heating the wooden furniture or craft materials should be done consistently for 3-4 days.

Freezing wooden materials: Termites despise cold temperatures just as much as they despise heat. Take the furniture into a large freezer if you have access to one. Termites will perish in two to three days.

Chemical Termite Treatment

Bifenthrin, Fipronil, and Imidacloprid are among the pesticides used to manage this insect. SEVA’s chemicals are very effective, odorless, and tasteless white powders that are only slightly water-soluble. If swallowed, these compounds are extremely hazardous to animals and invertebrates. It should be warned that users are in danger of infection either through skin wounds or by inhaling floating dust.

How does Termite treatment in Mulund work?

  • • The basic principle of Termite treatment in Mulund is to prevent the movement of termites from below ground into your premises.
  • • To achieve this, holes are drilled from inside your premises at the junction of the wall and the floor, about one foot (30 cm) apart.
  • • The insecticide is then poured into these holes and allowed to soak into the walls and

ground. If your premises are on the ground floor, the partition walls are also treated similarly.

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