Rat Treatment in Bandra

About Rats

Rats are of four types : House Mouse, Roof Rat, Norway Rat and Bandicoot. Rats are extremely intelligent, agile and adaptable mammals and thrive in almost all kinds of habitat. They are expert acrobats and swimmers and can easily climb through open drainage pipes and rough surfaces of walls and the branches near buildings. Their hard, sharp teeth are strong enough to gnaw through wood, chipboard, plastic and even lead pipes. Their droppings, urine and hair contaminate food grains and also pose a serious health threat. Rats are carriers of disease causing organisms such as plague, leptospirosis, salmonellosis etc.

Mode of Treatment : Indoors (For e.g Office, Ware House, Restaurant etc)

Glue Board For Rat And Mice :

  • This Product Is Weather Proof, Non-Toxic, Harmless And Environment-Friendly
  • High Viscosity, Odourless, Ready To Use,. Safe And Sanitary. It Is An Ideal Mousetrap

Rodabox :

Rodabox is a metallic box. The main purpose of rodabox is to keep the glue board or poison bait in a safe manner inside the rodabox, in order to trap the rats without disturbing the people working in the office.

Wire Cages :

  • Best locations are along walls, runways, gnawed openings and near burrows where rodents are most likely to travel.
  • Change the location if no rodent is trapped every one week.
  • Rat Repellent :

    Repellents releases a repulsive odour which drives away the rats. When placed on a regularly used path of rats, it completely blocks their entry. As it does not kill the rats (only repels rats) there is no problem of dead rats. It is completely safe to use and does not cause any harm to humans and house hold pets. Repellents have been found to be very effective in closed areas. For e.g False ceiling, Computer Server area, Loft etc.

    Mode of treatment: Outdoors (For e.g Building Compound Area)

    Poison Bait

    The treatment would commence with strategic placement of “poison baits” to bring the infestation under control. Subsequently, we will be paying regular visits to continue the poison baiting & keep a constant vigil on rodent population.In addition to above, we would also be resorting to trapping, use of glue boards & treating of burrows if any, wherever found necessary.

    Rat Guard

    Rats can easily climb all the pipes in the building, which makes easy entry for the rats in our home and offices. We will fix the rat guard (Galvanized Sheet) to the building pipes preventing the entry of rats.

    Frequency :- Fortnightly/ Monthly.

    Rat treatment in Bandra

    With us, you can get the best pest control service in Mumbai for your house or office. We offer Rodent Pest Control in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Mice, rats, squirrels, and other common rodents are causing a slew of difficulties in rural, urban, and semi-urban areas. These rats can readily get access to the house via holes in the walls, doors, or sewer lines. They can be found in a variety of locations, including homes, schools, garages, and business complexes. They come in a wide range of sizes, from little to large rats. At night, the rodent- like mouse or rat roams freely. They damage paper, wires, clothing, and other items by biting them. Most rodents are attracted to food, which they may also carry. They are causing damage by biting paper, wires, clothes, etc. Food item attracts most of the rodent they may also contaminate it.

    If you are aware that your location is prone to rodent assault, you should take this treatment seriously because it could save you a lot of money. They have a foul odour and pollute the environment. They can quickly multiply if not handled in a timely manner. Several diseases spread as a result of their urine. Proper rat treatment in Bandra aids in the spread of dangerous diseases such as plague. The food item attracts the majority of rodents, who may contaminate it.


    Working Process

    Our rat treatment in Bandra provides cutting-edge rat treatment in Bandra that is also environment friendly. There are various instances where catching rats becomes extremely difficult. In such instances, we offer a fantastic Rat treatment in Bandra, that aids in the elimination of rodent problems such as mice and rats. Please contact us or inquire about our services; we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff will come up with rat treatment in Bandra for you. We are currently based in Mumbai and provide our Rat Pest Control Services throughout Mumbai.

    You should learn a few things about rats before choosing a rat treatment in Bandra. Rats are intuitive creatures who are wary of new items in their environment, such as traps and baits used to catch them. They colonize and dwell in burrows, under concrete, and in hard-to-reach cavities in walls. They are capable of carrying and transmitting a variety of diseases. They will also bring disease-carrying pests such as fleas and ticks into your home and rat treatment in Bandra. Mice enter the building and attempt to infest it in quest of food, water, and warmth.

    The greatest strategy to prevent rat infestations is to give as little harborage/storage as possible, which will encourage rodents to steal as many holes and gaps in the exterior of the property as possible. To assist prevent rats from seeking out the food and shelter supplied by your home, follow the guidelines below: Remove any mounds of debris, stones, bricks, or other materials near the foundation of the house if possible; these serve as harborages for rats. Any hole or crack greater than 1/4 inch should be filled. Large holes or cracks should be plugged with steel wool or wire mesh before caulking or foaming to prevent rats from chewing their way in.

    Rat Treatment in Bandra

    • • Rats are an annoyance to humans. They frequently penetrate the society’s compound and do damage to the wires of the parked cars.
    • • They also promote disease by causing burrow in gardens. For this type of problem with your valuable car’s cables, we’ve developed an excellent rat treatment solution.
    • • As we all know, rats are mammals that have a propensity of gnawing on wires in order to sharpen their teeth, causing damage to car cables.
    • • We use a unique chemical that has an unpleasant flavor, which deters rodents from gnawing the wires.

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