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Honeybees Treatment

Honey Bees: A honey bee nest will have thousands of bees and they will swarm around the entrance of the nest, this is commonly in chimneys but they will use any cavity. You may come into contact with a swarm. This is when part of a hive splits and a Queen accompanied by drones and several thousand workers will look for a new nest site. While scout bees are looking for a suitable site the swarm may hang for a few days in a tree or bush.

About Honey Bees

Precaution : On no account must the entrance to a nest be blocked, this can be dangerous. Keep pets away from the area and close window nearby prior to the treatment.

Control Measures :Treatment will be carried out after sunset when the bees get settled in the hive. Treatment will comprise of a thorough insecticidal spray directly on the nest. Do not try to use the honey since it will be poisonous after the treatment.

After treatment the bees may remain in a hyperactive state for a few hours, but activity will usually completely cease within 4 warm days (cold or wet days may prolong activity). Honey Bee swarms should die within 24 hours.

Never block the entrance to a nest or make repairs to holes unless you are quite sure the nest is dead e.g. bees are not flying in and out of the entrance.

As well as being a nuisance the honey they produce can stain paint work and be a target for parasites. A place that has been infested by Honey bees once is likely to attract more swarms in the near future so proofing the area is a better alternative.

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