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Thane will soon be the landmark city to stay in the central suburb. Thane is growing leaps and bounds with connectivity growing at a steady space. Thane will soon have a metro. Ghodbunder area is vastly developing in Thane. The distance between western area s like Dahisar, Borivali, Mira Road will soon be shortened to Thane. This has all contributed to a healthy growth of pest control business in Thane.Pesto India has started its branch in Thane to serve its customer better.

People awareness has helped to the growth of pest control industry. Termite Treatment is majorly been required by one and all. New under construction buildings, Existing structures, Malls,Offices etc all require termite treatment. Termite treatment is been done by drilling holes in the junction of wall and floor level. The drilled holes will be effectively sealed thereafter. Chemical spray will be carried out wherever required. All holes will be sealed using chalk and white cement. Best time to avail the treatment is at the time of renovation of the premises.

Cockroaches treatment can be done by chemical spraying or by gel method. In case of chemical spray, kitchen needs to be emptied for the desired result. The entire kitchen will be sprayed giving a flushing effect killing all the cockroaches in one go. The cleaning can be done after an hours time. The gel method is quite simple. Gel is applied to all the nooks and corner of the house,especially the kitchen area. Cockroaches feed on the gel and die.The dead cockroaches are eaten by the live one.The result is that the live one also die in the process. The entire population is wiped out.

Rats can be tackled by a variety of method. Identification is the key. First identify the area having rodent menance. Plan your treatment accordingly. Decide whether to use poison baits, glue boards or repellants. Rodent control is a challenge. Definitely a tough job but once you have studied the area well you can succeed. Customer cooperation is also important in the process.

Birds are a real problem due to tall buildings and less trees. Birds are in search of new space to make nest and lay their eggs. We are using top quality nets to stop the birds from breeding. Bird proofing business is growing leaps and bounds since the last decade.

Bed bugs problem is more intense during summer but the growing temperature in Mumbai has caused more breeding by the bed bugs. People spend lot of money because of bed bugs. People change furniture,clothes,curtains,bags etc and paint their house to get rid of bugs. A thorough treatment is a must. The entire flat or office has to be chemically treated. Depending upon the problem the treatment will have to be repeated accordingly.

Mosquitoes are effectively controlled by Pesto India. Even though controlling the flying insect is not easy, a regular dose will give the desired effect.Services are carried out weekly or fortnightly depending upon the problem.

Honey Bee treatment is also on the grow. Honey bees find nooks and corner in the tall buildings. Nesting becomes easy in such areas. Treatment is mostly done in the evening time.


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