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Mulund is the queen of Central Suburb. With its proximity to Navi Mumbai,Thane,Powai the demand for residence space is growing in Mulund.Hospitals,Malls, Sky scrappers,Hotels, Eateries you can find everything in Mulund.The demand for pest control is growing tremendously due to the ever increasing population in Mulund.

Demand for Termite treatment is huge because of the numerous under construction building projects. Termite treatment is carried out at the time of construction of the building when the foundation is laid for the building. Even after the building is ready post construction termite treatment is in demand because of the termite infestation seen most of the time after the construction work has been done.

Cockroaches treatment is hugely popular because of the Gel treatment . We have been serving a lot of residential customers,commercial space,malls,hotels stc

Bird proofing is very popular nowadays because of the pigeon menance in sky scrappers. Pigeons get lot of space to make their nest which is a cause of worry . People are getting affected by the pigeon fleas leading to lot of health issues like asthma,breathing problem etc. We at Pesto India are using top quality nets to prevent the entry of birds in the client premises. The nets do not block your view and at the same time prevent the birds from entering the premises.

Bed Bugs is turning out to be a huge menance in the urban setup. Bed Bugs are mainly found in restaurants,cinema halls,railways,buses and other crowded places. Bed Bugs easily shift to our home from all these crowded places. Once they gain entry to our homes it becomes very difficult to control the bed bug menance. A thorough chemical spray to all the area is important to control the infestation.

Rats are a growing menance everywhere. Control of rodent population is the biggest challenge in the pest control industry. With hygiene conditions being little poor in the urban areas, rats have a great time. Eradication becomes little difficult. However with proper treatment we can bring the problem under control.

Mosquito breeding is another problem faced by people leaving in the urban area. We have been able to control the mosquito problem by regular fogging and repellant spraying.

Stray Dogs are adding to the tick problem nowadays. The pet dogs come into contact with the stray dogs and the ticks get transferred to their bodies. Ticks can be controlled by effective chemical spray treatment.


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