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Bandra has always been in high demand after South Mumbai. Sea facing area,posh locality,film stars, huge branded showroom, beautiful restaurants all make Bandra a very elite place to live in.

Business is booming through out the year for people operating from Bandra area. The demand for pest control is huge. People from all walks of life stay in Bandra creating an optimum business opportunity for pest control business.

Pesto India has a strong clientele base in Bandra serving a lot of celebrities, corporates,major restaurants,hotels etc

The treatment carried out at Bandra has been mainly for Termites, Cockroaches,Bed Bugs,Rodents,Mosquitoes,Wood Borer,Dog ticks etc

Termite is a huge menance in the Bandra area. The area is close to sea hence Termites are a big issue.

We at Pesto India have been treating a lot of buildings around Bandra area especially old bungalows etc.

With lot of celebrities residing in Bandra, almost all are Dog lovers. Everyone has a pet in their house.The issue of dogtick is growing. We have been steadily treating the tick infested area and the demand is growing.

Since majority of people are working, the house is been maintained by servants. This has lead to severe cockroach problem in every household.Pesto India has been successfully controlling the menance and serving its clients to the best of our abilities.

Mosquitoes are turning out to be a big problem. Pesto India has been treating lot of commercial space, housing societies, malls etc . Educating the customer is the key to solve the mosquito issue which we have been doing successfully.

Rodent is another issue which needs to be tackled on a war footing.Rat problem is growing, destroying a vast amount of food and other edible items. The result is economic loss along with health hazard.Pesto India has been using repellants,glue pads,poison baits etc to bring the problem under control.


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