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Mumbai is growing rapidly and being the finance capital of India, Mumbai has its own importance in the global map. Rapid Urbanization also leads to its own problems like shifting of rural population to urban areas in search of job opportunities and better prospects.The rapid population growth leads to innumerable problems like increase in slums, decrease in hygiene conditions which in short leads to growth of pest population, majorly being disease causing ones like Rats,Cockroaches,Mosquitoes etc.

We at Pesto India are completely equipped to deal with this type of scenario. Since its inception in the year 2003, the company has served a variety of clients working in the commercial sector. Our customers have largely being facing problems with Termites,Cockroaches,Rats,Mosquitoes and Bed Bugs. We are very proud of our team who have been successfully been able to control the pest menance and give peace of mind to our loyal customers.

Termites assume greater importance in the commercial setup. Clients spend lakhs of rupees on the interior design of the office. Everybody likes a beautiful office and clients don’t mind spending on it.

Hence treating the premises for termites is very important to avoid future loss of property. Termites cause huge damage if undetected hence precaution is the key.Clients can avail pest control for termites as a precautionary meaure.The best time for termite treatment is at the time of renovation of the office or the commercial setup. Before laying the new flooring chemical injection can be carried out along with a blanket spray on the entire floor. hemical can be sprayed on the rough wall before the POP work and painting. Even wood work can be sprayed with an oil base chemical as a precaution against termites and wood borer.

Cockroaches create lot of health issues in the commercial setup. With big offices emerging and people spending lot of time in the offices,canteen facility is a must for the employees. With food been served in the canteen, cockroaches are the natural pest in the food handling areas. A regular treatment of cockroaches is a must to keep the menance under control.


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