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The growth of the residential building in Mumbai is phenomenal. However the overall infrastructure of the city is not matching the growth ofsky scrapperswhich have come up in Mumbai. The roads and the drainage system is not up to the mark.Especially during the rains the problem of Mumbai is pathetic. The overall problem has led to increase in the pestmenancewhich is perennialthrough out the year.

Pesto India has been tackling the pest problems of the residents of Mumbai since the last 16 years. The awareness among the customers has increased since the last decade leading to greater control in the pest population.The major pests effecting the residents of Mumbai are Termites,Cockroaches,Bed Bugs and Mosquitoes.

Mumbai being an island, Termites are a major concern effecting the flat owners.Even buildings are effected by termites to a large extent in Mumbai. In such a scenario, prevention is better than cure.

Flat owners can avail the termite treatment at the time of renovation of their flat.It is surely a best way to control termite menance. However,if the flat is infested with termite, the sooner the better is the logic. Even if a small mud tube is visible, customers should immediately avail the pest control services.

Cockroach is another pest which is effecting the urban residents.The new Gel technology is the best product to control the cockroach menance. Unlike the olden days when the kitchen had to emptied to spray the pesticide, Gel treatment is very handy. Customers don’t have to empty the kitchen. Also there is no pesticide smell involved. The result is fast. Customers get hassle free service.

Rats are another problem effecting the buildings of Mumbai.Rats make burrows in the garden and dug holes in the compound. They bite car wires parked in the compound. We undertake contracts to control the rat population. Poison baiting is effective method to control the rats. We also do burrow fumigation and use glue boards wherever necessary.

The problem of Mosquito is growing in the urban scenario. Especially during the monsoon season , the peopleof Mumbai have a big task tackling Dengue and Malaria. The Muncipal Corporation is doing a good job tackling the mosquito menance. At the same time, we at Pesto India have all the equipments and latest chemical to control the mosquito menance effecting our customers.


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