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We introduce ourselves as a company comprising of knowledgeable, qualified and experienced people in the field of pest control. After completing seven years of intense training in the field of pest control from one of the premium company, the company Directors, Mr DAYANAND POOJARI AND MR CHANDRAHAS SALIAN founded M/s. Pesto India Services Pvt Ltd in the year 2003. The company was founded with the motto “CUSTOMER FIRST”. The same attitude of “CUSTOMER FIRST” has helped the company sail through thick and thin and complete 15 glorious years in the year 2018.

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Cockroach & Ants

Cockroaches are of four types : American Cockroach, German Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach and Brown Branded Cockroach.

Bed Bugs Treatment

Bed bug is a pest that is often found in human habitation. Bed bugs are oval, wingless 5 mm long, reddish brown in

Termite Treatment

Subterranean Termites (white ants) live in underground colonies from where they infiltrate into buildings through tiny

Rodent Control

Rats are of four types : House Mouse, Roof Rat, Norway Rat and Bandicoot. Rats are extremely intelligent

General Disinfestation

This treatment covers household pests like cockroaches, silver fish, red and black ants and similar other crawling insects.

Mosquito Treatment

Anopheles :Responsible for causing Malaria. Anopheles breeds in stagnant collections of clean water such as ponds,

Wood Borer

Wood Borer (Anobium Punctatum) which are known as common furniture beetles and they are viewed seriously considering


Ticks are hardy arachnids, having their body more or less covered with hard plates. The adult females engorge themselves

Psocids Treatment

These are small insects about 1 to 2mm . They are sound both indoors & outdoors in damp surroundings.In homes they


Our Clients


“Pesto India has been providing services to us since the companies inception. Very pro-active and efficient. Keep up the good work.”

Nilkamal Ltd
Mr Rajeev Mehta (General Manager)

“Pesto India and its staff never fails to give good services .”

Pedder Johnson Finance Ltd
Mr Philip Serrao (Admin Manager)

“Our school children are our priority. We try to give the best environment to our kids with a clean premises. Pesto India helps us to do the same”

Pawar Public School
Bhagyashree Bhagwat (Admin Manager)

“I very much appreciate the prompt attention given by Pesto India to serve us since 15 years”.

Syndicate Bank
Mr Arvind Desai (RO-Manager)

“We are satisfied with the pest control service and would recommend their service to other people”.

State Bank of India
Mrs Malati Rao (Officer)

“The chemical used by Pesto India is very effective. Result oriented services ”

Anil Kapoor Film Company
Mr Maruti (Accounts Head)

“The technicians are very co-operative and helpful. Good service all the time”.

Trig Detective
Ms Geeta (Manager)

“We are very much impressed with the level of service provided by Pesto India. They have a very friendly and down to earth attitude”.

Raj Babbar (Film Actor and Member of Parliament)
Mr Harish Patil (Personal Secretary)

Pest Control Services in Mumbai and Thane

To control your pest problems, you must be able to identify the various pests that may infest your home. It is necessary to know the different types of pests in order to use the right set of pest control solutions for them. The most common type of insect that can infest homes is flies, but they are not the only ones you need to worry about. There are many others with equally vicious habits who will do just as much damage if allowed into your home. Worms, ants, beetles, bed bugs, cockroaches, and termites are just a few of the most common insects that can be found in the home.

To end all pest control problems, it is essential to reach out to us for your pests. We help you understand what makes them vulnerable to the many pest control solutions available to us.

We provide the most sanitary and healthy protection to our esteemed clients, homes, workplaces, and gardens through pest control and termite control services. Our mission is to provide a safe and pest-free environment for you and your family. We offer fumigation spray, insect treatment, and termite proofing treatment (deemak treatment) to homeowners and businesses, as well as a full range of pest control inspection and treatment services.

Termites, pests, and insects such as cockroaches, bed bugs, mosquitoes, ants, flies, and hornets will be eliminated by our treatment. In addition, for all pest control solutions, we only use environmentally friendly and EPA-registered products. Our Pest Control Program in Thane is unrivaled in the industry. We ensure that the service is performed correctly, and we have the processes and people in place to ensure that it is.

Because of the high quality of our products and the superior services we provide, we are known as the Best Pest Control Services in Mumbai. We provide services throughout Mumbai, with a focus on Thane, Ghodbunder, and surrounding areas.

Most people are plagued by pest problems and want to eradicate them from the future. Our pest control services use the best techniques to identify the problem and implement the best solutions in an energizing manner at your home or office.

Everyone’s home is an important part of their lives. Simply put, it is a place of safety for you. This is the location where you and your family members will be safe and secure, as well as protected from harm. But what if you discover intruders in your home in the form of pests? You should try to find the best solution to this problem. That is why you should hire us.

Our pest control provides the best pest control services in Thane & Mumbai to remove pests and insects from your premises using the most up-to-date pest removal techniques for Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Termites, Ants, Spiders, and many more.

For a single pest-related service, you can contact and book experts who provide a wide range of professionals to provide pest-related services. You can use the services based on your needs and budget. If you want an inspection, you can come to our office or call us at any time, and an expert will come to your home. All pest control services are performed by skilled and trained professionals who use high-quality chemicals that are safe for you and your family members.

To work with us for pest control services, simply call our experts and enjoy pest control services at a very low cost.

We give you a complete satisfaction guarantee on all services.

  • • Gives you free rework
  • • Skilled and trained professionals
  • • High-quality chemical use with odourless smell
  • • Work insurance that has already been done
  • • Time-saving services with perfection

Why choose us

There are several reasons why you should use our Pest Control services to permanently remove pests from your property. We use high-quality chemicals that have no odour.

Our Pest Control In Mumbai holds a competitive edge over others due to the following reasons:

  • • Well executed services
  • • Perfection and Quality
  • • Client Centric Orientation
  • • Economic prices
  • • Promptness in endeavors
  • • Fast response time to emergency
  • • Flexibility in approach
  • • 24/7 Availability

We will bring out full control on the menace of insects in Mumbai and Thane. We will provide you a full review of bed bug treatments and how they can help you to make a decision about using these services for your place.

We will provide you the step-by-step process of identifying your pest problem and what steps you need to take to prevent them from entering your home in the first place. And solve your entire problem with our outstanding pest services. Reach us now!

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